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The Croatian Ethnic Institute recommends, but is not affiliated with or responsible for, the following links to websites. We hope that in your search for programs, books, or simply information, that these resources are useful. Check with us periodically as we update our list of helpful links.

Croatian Information Center - HIC
This non-profit, non-governmental Croatian organization started in 1991, after the Serbian war of aggression against Croatia began. Offering educational texts, links to useful websites, and information about developement in Croatia, this site is offered in both English and Croatian.

Croatian Heritage Foundation
The Croatian Heritage Foundation is a Croatian, non-profit organization headquartered in Zagreb. It is dedicated to promoting Croatian culture and language in the Croatian Diaspora. Its website provides information about a variety of topics, including summer language and volunteer programs throughout Croatia, including programs for academic credit.

World-Wide Web Servers in Croatia
Links you to Croatian maps, culture, sports, economy, cities & towns, news, history, travel and much, much more.

Croatia Net
Another one-stop-shop site for information about Croatia and Croats around the world. Popular Croatian music, radio, the beautiful Adriatic Sea and its islands, the returning Croatian diaspora, politics, sports, youth clubs, and more. Over 5000 sites linked to CroNet!

Dalmatia Net
Info about the Dalmatian islands, sports, cities, and much more.

Embassy of the Republic of Croatia to the U.S.
2343 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington D.C., 20008, USA tel.(202) 588-5899. The Croatian Embassy can provide you with information about visas, government policy, and more.

Or contact the Croatian Consulate in Chicago by phone: 312 482 9902 or E-mail: chicago@mvpei.hr

St. Jerome Croatian Catholic Church - One of the oldest Catholic churches website, established in 1998. Croatian church on Princeton, Chicago, IL.

Croatian Franciscans in USA and Canada