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Medjugorje Collection



The Medjugorje Collection at CEI was established in February 1996. It contains thousands of items related to Medjugorje from the first days of the Apparitions of Our Lady, June 24, 1981.

CEI continues to collects books, articles, films, videos & tapes, and photographs from Medjugore. It also collects the written testimonies of pilgrims and converts, church commission documents, bulletins, leaflets, and magazines related to Medjugorje phenomenon.

Our visitors are impressed with the variety of  materials, which are exhibited in many different languages, including Croatian, English, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Portugese, Slovenian, and Spanish.

While we cannot loan these documents and publications, they are open to visitors and scholars to view and read.

CEI invites donations from authors and publishers of books, films, and other media related to Medjugorje. We are grateful to the many who have already donated to the collection and look forward to making it as comprehensive as possible.

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The establishment of the Medjugorje Collection as a data bank has been received with enthusiasm, with our number of contributors steadily growing.

Our bookshop also has some texts which are for sale. If you would like to visit the bookshop, click here.


Kolekcija o Međugorju

U HEI je otvorena god. 1996. i posebna Kolekcija o Međugorju. Tu se prikupljaju i čuvaju iz raznih jezika i naroda: knjige, filmovi, video i audio vrpce, novine, magazini, fotografije, svjedočanstva hodočasnika i vidjelaca, dokumenti crkvenih komisija i drugo što se odnosi na Gospina ukazanja u Međugorju i zbivanja u vezi s time.

Medjugorje books